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This subsystem is responsible for ensuring the proper flow of data information through the interfaces and electronic components of the nanosat.

Avionics’ members are in charge of the central computer, designing and implementing the electronics for the mission, and the management of sensors.


Pedro Porras


Dante Spravkin Galina

Animation and Videogame Engineering

Maria Paula Majus Garcia

Mechatronics and Bioelectronics Engineering

Mauricio Aguas Fonseca

Applied Mathematics

Jorge Alberto Estrella Reyna

Bioelectronics Engineering

Marco Antonio Salinas Miranda

Mechatronics Engineering

Ariadna Gutiérrez de la Riva

Mechatronics Engineering

Sebastian Muñoz Bassol

Bioelectronics Engineering

Leader: Bernardo Muñoz Bassol

Electronic Engineering and Digital Systems

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